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01. Railway Transportation


Railway Transport Department of “Turkmenistan Transport and Logistics Center” Open Joint-Stock ...


02. Multimodal Transportation


By various types of transport, including road, rail, air, marine and container transportation, by ...


03. Logistics and Marketing


Due to commencement of implementation of large projects in Turkmenistan, together with foreign...




Contract logistics

On the basis of a bilateral top-level agreement, provides services to its clients

 Forwarding services

Comprehensively analyzes the logistics services for the export of goods from the consignor to the consignee

Multimodal services

When transporting export-import and transit cargoes of our clients within the state, at the same time at delivery of cargo to the recipient by rail,  transports them by sea, air and road

Cargo storage operations

During multimodal transportation at cargo unloading in ports and on the facilities, cargo storage operations are carried out.

Customs and insurance works

Provides services for the proper execution of customs documents of loaded cargo and provides services for the security of these goods.

Organize the work of the current structure

Monitors the goods traffic from the point of departure to the destination point, ensures the safety of cargo and a prompt inspection at the points of inspection of goods.

The dislocation wagons information

We have the ability to provide information about the dislocation of the wagon (the location of the wagon) on the territory of Turkmenistan




In order to increase the efficiency of opportunities for international transit traffic through the territory of Turkmenistan , to increase the competitiveness of the transport industry of the country, to assist in increasing transit freight traffic , as well as in order to develop logistics solutions for the delivery of transit, import and export cargo from the consignor to the consignee  by one type or several types of transport  (multimodal services ), on the basis of the resolution of the President of Turkmenistan dated July 31, 2018, under No. 880 “Transport and Logistics Center of Turkmenistan” Open Joint Stock Company was established.


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