Clients are served by bilateral agreement according to high standards. In Contract Logistics, you benefit from our extensive portfolio as a full-service provider. Your advantage? Smooth collaboration with a professional partner and individualised logistics solutions that suit your requirements.

The logistics services for the delivery of export goods from the sender to the recipient are analyzed in detail.

Delivery of goods of our clients to the owner of export-import and transit cargo is carried out in our country by rail, sea, air and road.

Multimodal transportation of goods is the delivery of one cargo in diffrent stages by several types of transport. At the same time, sea, river, rail, road or air transportation methods can be combined in any order. Today multimodal transportation is the most convenient and widespread form of delivery of large consignments of cargo over medium and long distances. The main advantage of this method is the appropriate usage of various transportation, and their competent combination. Thus, the entire route for multimodal transportation is divided into certain segments.

For multimodal cargo transportation, unloading cargo in ports and stations and storing it until loading in the following directions.

“Transport and Logistics Center of Turkmenistan” provides services for the safe storage of your goods. This is convenient when your company does not have a cargo flow that would require a separate warehouse for processing, when your main warehouse is located in another region, but you would like to expand the geography of your presence on the market. In this case, you no longer need to rent a separate warehouse and maintain the staff that serves it - loaders, storekeepers, security guards, as well as equipment. At your very first request, we are ready to accept these cargoes, provide storage, if necessary, replenish and send to your customers.

Rates for storage of goods at terminals in the International Seaport of Turkmenbashi

Customs clearance of the necessary customs documents and cargo security.

Ensuring the safety of the cargo structure and the speed of arrival of cargo at the destination, controlling it from the moment the cargo is sent to the destination.

Loading and unloading rates and other services